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'Kundalini Bodywork' since 2017"

Energetic & kundalini activation practices that teach us to transform

pain into pleasure

while healing & integrating traumas.

What is Kundalini Bodywork?

- ‘Kundalini Bodywork’ is a holistic therapy practice, a personal development journey that leads to spiritual development.

- It is the path of healing that leads to awakening. 

- It is tantric in nature, bridging the gap between ancient kundalini and tantric practices to more modern-day kundalini yoga and neo-tantric practices.

- It takes a somatic approach to healing while re-building, strengthening, regulating and re-sensitising the nervous system. 

- It is a practice that revolutionises the understanding and application of breath work in therapy.

- It is a grounded approach to spirituality that values stillness as much as activations while developing the virtues and character needed to live a life in alignment with spirit and with your soul. 

- It is the understanding and embodiment of universal law so that we may co-create with and change reality for the highest good. 

- It is the development of siddhis (powers) to advance human evolution. 

- It is the development of emotional intelligence which allows psychic abilities to activate. 

- Kundalini Bodywork is you; it is your life force liberated so you can live the life your soul desires. 

- It is surrender, and it is the development of willpower.

- It is the method of creating more energy, life force, and power.

- It is the demonstration and process of creating abundance (a natural process and a natural state that the whole of humanity must align to, leaving older man-made codes of lack, scarcity, and power-over behaviour behind).

- It is the future of health care and therapy as we all have this innate healing ability within us, which, once activated and maintained, keeps us generally fit, healthy and happy.  

- Everybody’s journey is different, as we are all unique. Kundalini Bodywork is a process that supports the development of your personal spiritual practices.

- An established Kundalini Bodywork practice changes as you change and deepen into this knowledge and your experiences with energy. 

INTRO COURSE (18 months access) WORK ON YOUR SELF $380

The intro course is included for free if you purchase the advanced course.

ADVANCED COURSE (24 months access) WORK WITH OTHERS $840

The advanced course includes the intro course.

ADVANCED COURSE IS CURRENTLY IN PRE-SALE with 50% OFF $1690, making it $840

After the PRE-SALE ends, the course will become $1690, and we will renew the access of everyone who purchased it during the pre-sale.

Pre-sale means we are still creating and loading up content. If you are not yet ready for or do not want the advanced course until it is completely finished, buying it now means you lose nothing, save 50%, and can start with the intro course today, as it is included with the advanced.


Alternatively, you can apply to attend one of our in-person trainings by filling in this form or sending us an email

Short on funds?

3 month payment plans available

Intro course $380 or $140 x 3

Advanced level 1 & 2 $840 or $300 x 3

“Waking up our emotional and energetic bodies is the next step in human evolution. It is key to understanding the 'matrix' that we live in and gives us the power to change our reality"

Buy the Advanced course (with intro) $840

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Buy the Intro course $380

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Intro course on a payment plan 3 x $140

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Benefits to signing up to the advanced course during the PRE SALE:

- the intro course valued at $380 is included

- receive a 50% reduction: $840 instead of $1690

- connect with more students and find people to practice with

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We cannot give what we do not have. By learning to give Kundalini Bodywork sessions to ourselves we become ready to give them to others.

Designed for newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike, the course has different levels of engagement. The intro course teaches us to work on ourselves and the advanced courses teaches us to work on others.

Although the introduction course has much depth, it teaches us to transform pain and trauma into bliss and joy and to re-sensitise our nervous system so that it is capable of more pleasure meaning that more intuition, emotional intelligence and other virtues follow.

It clears the path for kundalini to rise, and allows us to understand this abstract word through polarity, non-duality and tantra. Learning that power lays in polarity shows us how important our shadow and darkness is in regards to self-development and ascension.

The course teaches you self-activation of your energetic body through transforming trauma while learning to work with emotions to raise your own vibration.

The practices support those who have suffered premature awakenings, or had negative experiences through poorly trained kundalini activation facilitators. We learn to heal and better regulate the nervous system while developing more emotional intelligence and intuition. The course also supports existing therapists to use these tools with others, teaching people how to self-heal and self-activate.

Kundalini Bodywork is a self-development practice that leads to spiritual development.

Non-dual psychology via the polarity framework is also covered along with many breathwork and breathing practices as well as understanding the basis of Kundalini Bodywork and body de-armouring. 

After you progress through the intro course it is highly recommended to work your way through the Advanced Course. These in-depth trainings take you deep into your own practice as you learn to hold space for others in theirs.

If you want to understand non-dual healing from a western tantric perspective that allows you to awaken and activate your own kundalini while supporting others to do the same: nearly all of our students recommend this course over others.


There are over 200 written and video testimonials for Elliott Saxby's work on our main website, here are a few of them:

"I've been doing inner work for 7 to 8 years now and thought there was little left to learn, but WOW learning to self de-armour has been life changing and so valuable, I think every human should take this course” 


Kundalini Bodywork Online

"I was able to surrender my emotions with love. I experienced sadness that had been hidden in my heart. Thanks to this session I could feel emotions and heal”


1 on 1 session

In the intro course you will learn:

- to transform old traumas and dormant energy stored in the body making space for kundalini to rise

- to sublimate and transmute different energies and emotions

-a profound mental framework used in integrative therapy and self-development 

-embodiment techniques and practices related to yoga, taoism, tantra and a range of other healing modalities

-how to develop a multi-orgasmic body using energetic and self de-armouring practices alongside shadow work

-and much more while taking the first step to becoming a certified Kundalini Bodywork practitioner enabled to share this beautiful practice with others ->

You will also gain access to:

- an amazing community of students and practitioners where we you can arrange session exchanges, online or in person

Preview course content for the ADVANCED TRAINING and see what's up already

I've been running advanced in-person kundalini bodywork trainings in various locations since 2019. The two-week training is now being turned into a year-long certified practitioner training.

After the PRE-SALE ends you will have the option to join a 12 month certified program with with zoom calls and a study group while we also support you to arrange session exchanges and/or to find clients so you have real life practice and training.

Marketing is not my strong point, but teaching and sharing this work is. I'd suggest that you look at the course content using the free preview videos, check out my Instagram and YouTube channel, watch the video testimonials and read the written ones on my personal website, check out our main website, and maybe consider my book about non-dual psychology. If you're considering to invest into a kundalini activation training it's wise to do your research beyond good marketing, and high definition videos to ensure you're making the right choice and life investment.

"You might have heard that everything is one, well I experienced this in the workshop. I was just loving, crying and at one with everyone in the room. I could really see through the eyes of others”


Workshop participant and student

"Life changing for me and my body”



What is Kundalini Bodywork Online?

kundalinibodywork.online is part of kundalinibodywork.com

The online intro course is the foundation for all in-person trainings with the 'School Energetic Bodywork'. It is a journey of self-realisation where each person's final practice and awakening is unique.

Together, we work to clear the traumas stored in your body, clearing the pathway of kundalini. Once you are on this path, you will learn how to sublimate and transmute different energies.

The more you understand your own traumas and how they can be healed, the more you will be able to support and inspire others to do the same.

By joining this course, you are well on your way to becoming a certified Kundalini Bodywork practitioner who works with quality and integrity.

Are you ready to experience the powerful and transformative awakening that comes from kundalini and learn how to support others to do the same?

Sign up for the program today!

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About the teacher

Elliott Saxby

At 21, after a colourful and traumatic childhood. Elliott moved to a Buddhist Ecovillage in the North of Scotland, 6 years later he traveled to Asia studying yoga, massage and more taoist and tantric practices.

Through healing his own traumas, learning to forgive with an open heart, and strengthening both his will and integrity, his kundalini became active and now stays mostly open.

Elliott feels blessed and privileged to share this experience with others who are open to it in a helpful and transformative way.

After learning to manage the large amount of energy in his body he came back to bodywork professionally and has been giving and teaching Kundalini Bodywork professionally sessions since 2017.

To learn more about Elliott's background, training and education you can read his full profile in the practitioner directory on kundalinibodywork.com

Have questions? email us!

[email protected]

Short on funds?

3 month payment plans available

kundalinibodywork.online $380 or $140 x 3

Advanced level 1 & 2 $840 or $300 x 3

The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to discover and live your purpose in life. 

If you are looking for a way through your shadows and desire peace of mind and deeper connection with yourself and others, then Kundalini Bodywork is for you.

This profound program gives you the tools needed to create real change in your life and the world.

You will be guided to transform the experiences, beliefs, patterns and energies that have been holding you back, moving into a life of freedom, trust and harmony.

You will fully understand the purpose of each technique and exercise and how to use them to not just impact your life but also the lives of others.

It is suitable for everyone regardless of background, previous training or religious beliefs. The only prerequisite is an open mind and a desire to make a positive change within yourself and the world.

Still not ready to sign up?

The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to discover and live your purpose in life. 

It will give you a mental framework used in integrative therapy and self-development to heal and integrate the masculine and feminine polarities within. 

Tune in and ask yourself...

Do I feel stuck in life?

Do I experience stress and anxiety in my life?

Do I live with chronic pain?

Do I feel blocked in creativity?

Do I feel like I can’t find my purpose?

We live in a fast paced world that values the mind more than the body. Most of us are expected to 'do' and 'to be' everything: to multitask and evolve on all levels; as family members, lovers and employees.

It is no wonder so many of us feel a deep desire to find what’s missing, to find both more meaning and mystery in life.

If you experience periods of disconnection and lack of direction, which leaves you confused and empty, you are not alone.

These experiences put us in a passive state where we wait around for the answers and the energy to appear, when the reality is we actually possess the power to make the shift ourselves. It is all within us. 

With Kundalini Bodywork, you’ll be able to discover and walk your own journey to self-realisation and awakening, the one you have been yearning for. Whether this yearning is for your own healing or in finding a way to truly help others, now is the time to start it.

Short on funds?

3 month payment plans available

kundalinibodywork.online $380 or $140 x 3

Advanced level 1 & 2 $840 or $300 x 3

Still not sure?

or start working mainly on the mental level to become familiar with Elliott and his work

The book explores non-duality through the lens of polarity as a way to develop emotional intelligence, supporting us to better understanding ourselves and others as we heal our relationships.

Transform your body

to vibrate on the cellular level from love, bliss, joy, pleasure, happiness, and abundance, attracting more of these things into your life 

Breathing practices

to release trauma followed by pranayama to increase prana and awaken life force


for emotional release and self de-armouring

Generating energy

sexual, creative, healing and spiritual energy

Polarity work

learn to use both your masculine and feminine energies

Shadow work

work on your dark side

Energy work

learn to cultivate life force energy

Kundalini energy

work with kundalini for awakening and healing

Multi-orgasmic body

build a multi-orgasmic body and increase your orgasmic potential

The Inner Marriage

A Guide to Masculine & Feminine Polarity Work

Is the perfect companion for this course, expanding on the non-dual psychology covered and giving the mental understanding for how masculine and feminine energies unify to bring us into heightened states of awareness.

Buy it now


Kindle (ebook)